Repayment in instalments

Is it impossible for you to repay the debt in one lump sum? Request a repayment arrangement in 5 steps. A repayment arrangement contains agreements about paying your outstanding debt in instalments. These agreements include the number of instalments and amount to be paid in each instalment. Please contact us by telephone or via WhatsApp if you want to request a repayment arrangement in order to prevent an eviction or power being cut-off, a seizure or legal proceedings.

Proposed repayment arrangement

You can submit a suggestion for a repayment arrangement below. Arrangements will only be processed if the form has been filled in completely. Together with our client we will assess whether an arrangement is possible, and if so, whether your suggestion is approved.
The 1st payment must be received by us within 2 weeks.

1. Personal data

2. Income

Such as a provisional refund, tax credits, child-related budget and healthcare and rent allowance.

3. Other

Per month
Per month

4. Partner

Per month
Per month
Per month

5. Additional information

You can add additional information below, if required (max. 2,000 characters).
Upload evidence, such as a bank statement showing your (and your partners) salary / benefit, allowances, housing costs, etc.
Upload extra evidence.

* Required fields

We may need additional evidence for the assessment of your suggestion. If this is the case, we will inform you of the evidence we require.

What happens next?

Once you have clicked submit, your proposal will be viewed. Together with our client, we assess your proposal and decide whether this has been agreed. You will receive an answer within 3 working days.

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